Photoelectric Proximity Sensor


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We design high performance optical sensor ASIC and use them for our photoelectric proximity sensor.

Our ASICs are with/without integrated PN detector, with self-recovery short circuit protection, lock-in detection technique and programmable setting of device parameters.

We use these ASICs to made optical proximity sensor in many forms such as:
1. M4 optical proximity sensor using our ASIC with 3mm*3.5mm QFN package.
2. Ultra-thin optical proximity sensor
3. Optical Proximity Sensor with teach-in function
4. Optical proximity sensor with mode and sensitivity adjustment

1. Teach in sensor with distance settable form 5mm – 2000mm
2. Programmable response time of 50uS to 800uS
3. Settable On delay/off delay
4. Distance and Mode set by Potentiometers
5. Self Recovered Short Circuit Protection, Reversed Voltage Protection, Over Voltage Protection
6. Long distance and strong sunlight rejection version available

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