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The ACE is a completely new non-contact infrared (IR) sensor that has the potential to disrupt the market in multiple ways. It's not only the world’s smallest sensor in its class, but also the world’s first IR sensor that is designed as a universal hardware solution that unlocks endless possibilities through a groundbreaking software platform.

The general performance of the ACE IR-sensor is unprecedented:

- 0,005% Resolution
- 0,1 C˚ Accuracy/Repeatability/interchangeability
- Stable readings in fluctuating ambient temperatures up to 70 C˚

The customizability of the ACE IR-sensor is also unprecedented:

- Variable measurement angle
- Variable temperature range
- Variable speed settings
- Variable emissivity settings
- Variable readout (digital or analog)
- Sensor housing/body can be customized for customer fit

To achieve this remarkable performance, CleverIR devised a customized, fully automated calibration method. This calibration is so sophisticated that the reference black body emitters, used to calibrate the sensors against, have an emissivity of 0,99999 and can be measured and controlled on the mK level.

Sensor à la carte
CleverIR’s proprietary calibration technology allows for a unique à la carte approach for non-contact IR sensors. Every ACE sensor is exactly the same but can be extremely accurately calibrated for their specific use case in a very wide variety of applications. The ACE sensor easily meets or even exceeds the performance of premium level IR-sensors of our competitors, but at a price best compared to their entry-level IR-sensors, a truly disruptive combination of qualities.

The ACE sensor is the result of decades of international experience in infrared sensor technology and was designed with only one clear and at the same time very difficult goal: an affordable, universal plug and play hardware solution that can be calibrated for a wide variety of applications, with overall performance beyond anything that is available in the market today.

The flexibility of the sensor is required as it finds applications in a wide variety of markets and applications. Some of these non-contact infrared temperature applications where the ACE sensor will perform very well are printing (drying of ink), agriculture (crop temperature), medical (sterility), semicon, plastics (blow molding), food, robotics and more.

In a world that is transitioning towards a more sustainable manufacturing chain, efficiency and smart use of resources will be key factors for success. Depending on the application, the new ACE sensor will deliver results with accuracy, reliability and overall performance beyond belief.

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