Low Power MEMS Methane gas sensor TGS8410


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Figaro Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce the low power MEMS Methane sensor TGS8410 for battery powered applications.
The sensing element of TGS8410 is comprised of a sensing chip and an integrated heater formed on a silicon substrate using MEMS technology, and a metal-oxide semiconductor layer formed on the sensing chip. Due to miniaturization of the sensing chip, TGS 8410 requires a heater power consumption of only 0.087mW(ave.), and is suitable for low-power equipment and battery-operated instruments. In the presence of detectable gas, sensor conductivity increases depending on gas concentration in the air.
The TGS 8410 uses filter material in its housing for eliminating the influence of interference gases such as alcohol, resulting in highly selective response to methane gas. This feature makes the sensor ideal for residential gas leakage detectors which require durability and resistance against interference gas.

- Low Power Consumption, 87µW (ave.)
- High sensitivity and selectivity to methane
- Long life

- Portable type methane gas detectors
- Battery operable / wireless gas detectors
- Leak detector for natural gas
- Leak detector for gas pipelines

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