Digital High-End Temperature Probe Rotronic RMS TCD-S-001


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The Rotronic digital sensors communicate to data loggers (wired or wireless) and all communication to the server and database is done digitally as such there is no loss in accuracy during data transmission. This means, unlike analog sensors, no loop check is required during device installation and qualification/validation.

The great advantage of the digital high-end temperature sensor RMS TCD-S-001 is that it can be replaced, for example for calibration, almost without downtime and without interrupting measurement. Calibration and adjustment data are stored securely on the sensor at all times, and when a sensor is changed in the RMS Monitoring System, the new serial number is automatically recorded in "Change Control".

• Outstanding accuracy (±0,25 °C bei -50…85 °C),
• repeatability and long-term stability (±0,5 °C/year)
• Compatible with RMS data loggers and RMS software
• Low power consumption
• Digital communication (Modbus RTU)
• Hot swap possibility, ensuring little to no downtime
• Automatic serial number replacement documented within the RMS audit trail
• Monitor conform the GxP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Rotronic Monitoring System RMS
The RMS TCD-S-001 digital temperature sensor complements the Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS) hardware range. RMS is a GAMP©5 category 4 software combined with category 1 hardware, helping users monitor their GxP compliant applications, looking into the critical quality attributes and monitoring critical process parameters, helping focus on patient safety, product quality and data integrity and compliant to EudraLex EU Annex 11 and FDA CFR 21 Part 11. Rotronic AG design and manufacture RMS hardware and software based upon the GAMP©5 guidelines.

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