NEW Texense® Bichromatic Pyrometer: IF-BC


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Discover the most recent Texense® development: the IF-BC, our brand-new bichromatic infrared pyrometer. Ranged from 110 to 800°C, this sensor is designed to measure temperature always accurately, without recalibration, regardless of the type of material and the evolution of its surface condition & emissivity (0.25-1), such as on any steel surface e.g. steel brake discs.

The IF-BC is a combination of several technologies mastered by TEXYS Group: our expertise in infrared technology for over 20 years with our Texense® sensors backed by our recent developments in fibre optics have resulted in a high-performance sensor with a wide array of applications. All the efforts put in the IF-BC’s development is a real Group achievement!

The IF-BC has many potential applications: it can measure temperature on engine parts, braking systems, rotors & rotating machinery, moulds, metalwork, pipes… and is also designed to monitor industrial processes (boilermaking, machining, etc.).

Key features:
• Miniaturised & embedded bichromatic pyrometer
• Measurement on materials with variable emissivity
• Lightweight and very compact design
• Temperature range starts at 110°C, much lower than competitors
• Fast response time (50 ms)
• Works in extremely harsh environments
• Sensing head can withstand temperatures up to 300°C
• Customisable fibre length and tip

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