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We are pleased to introduce our smart parking monitoring solution. PNI's PlacePod is an IoT-enabled vehicle detection sensor for urban and off-street for municipal and private parking management. The PlacePod solves the most critical aspects of parking management: accurate real-time vehicle detection recognition and location of available parking spaces. The PlacePod is a ground-embedded or surface-mounted smart parking sensor that communicates with a LoRa® gateway to provide real-time parking data. It provides accurate vehicle detection in parking spaces, up to seven years of battery life, and is stable in temperature fluctuations, even in harsh environments.
Unlike other magnetic sensor-based parking sensors, PlacePod accurately detects parking in dense urban environments and filters magnetic interference from subways, passing traffic and power lines that can trigger false parking.

Features and benefits
- Includes the industry's most accurate magnetic detection system for vehicle recognition with a combination of PNI's high-performance magnetic sensor and vehicle recognition algorithms that accurately detect the presence or absence of a vehicle in a parking space
- The vehicle detection algorithms provide machine learning capabilities. This unique feature improves accuracy in filtering out local electromagnetic interference and changes in the local magnetic field.
- With its automatic calibration feature, PlacePod does not require calibration during installation or when updating firmware. Calibration is optional. This saves time during installation and lowers the system's total cost of ownership.
- Data can be shared with third-party applications
- Ability to wirelessly configure and software updates using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) via PNI's iOS™ and Android™ mobile apps.

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