DASYLab released in the new version 2022.1


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The new version facilitates the handling of many measuring channels and offers new drivers for the connection to further hardware. Currently, robotic components from igus and acquisition devices from Disynet's microUniDAQ series can now be controlled. Furthermore, the DASYLab developers extended the LIN connection: The software now supports LIN interfaces from the manufacturers NI, Kvaser, PEAK and IXXAT.

Version 2022.1 also improves the handling of a large number of channels. The proven SmartMux functions for bundling channels are now fully integrated, so that smart multiplexing is supported in addition to smart de-multiplexing. This makes it possible to selectively extract individual measurement channels from existing channel bundles and process them further. The original channel names and the associated information such as units and sampling rate are automatically provided. Smart multiplexing and de-multiplexing make working with a large number of channels much easier and more efficient. In addition, the circuit diagrams remain clear and thus easier to maintain.

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