INFRA.sens (H2O): Measurement of gas moisture with the NDIR method


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The determination of moisture in gases and gas mixtures is of great importance. Therefore, in many technical and scientific fields, accurate and robust measuring instruments are used to determine the moisture content. Wi.Tec-Sensorik GmbH has developed a new type of INDIR gas sensor for this field of application. The NDIR technology is based on the selective absorption of IR radiation by the water molecules in the gas phase. Wi.Tec-Sensorik has succeeded in developing a highly sensitive and accurate measuring module that serves as a supplement to and possibly also as a replacement for existing methods (dew point mirror, TDL). For this purpose, the INFRA.sens was integrated into a thermostatic housing (max.55°C), so that measuring ranges up to a dew point of 45°C is possible. In the lower range, dew points as low as -20°C can be reliably detected. For H2O trace analysis (0-1000ppm, Detection Limit <5ppm), the gas paths can be fitted with stainless steel piping to prevent falsification through gas diffusion (hoses).

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