Inertial Shakers


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Inertial shakers and modal shakers are similar in usage area. They are used also in tests for examining vibrational behavior of structures such as modal shakers. However, compared to the modal shakers, the connection styles are different. The inertial shaker’s own body vibrates. For this reason, inertial shakers are fixed directly to the structure. It is easier to use than modal shakers.

Depending on the dimensions of the structure and the desired excitation frequencies and levels, modal shakers or inertial shakers can be used for vibration testing.
The shakers used in modal testing and in-flight tests of aircrafts are usually electrodynamic shakers. However, the traditional shakers are not very portable and the attachment process takes time. Dynalabs inertial shakers are easily mounted and has great mobility. It can be used as hand held.

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