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Calibration solutions are essential in the MicroStep-MIS product lineup, designed to meet ISO standards and trusted by labs accredited under ISO 17025. Initially designed for meteorological applications, these solutions now serve diverse markets. MicroStep-MIS focuses on hardware and software development to meet calibration needs in both laboratory and field environments.

The Humiwell, an in-house relative humidity calibrator by MicroStep-MIS, excels as a versatile tool suitable for both lab and field use. It accommodates up to six probes simultaneously, offering flexibility for various applications. With a temperature range of -10°C to +60°C and rapid stabilization, it sets high standards in calibration technology. Its thermally insulated door supports a broad relative humidity range while preventing condensation and features a user-friendly touchscreen display.

Seamless integration with IMS4 CalibLab software enables automated calibration processes. Humiwell can calibrate probes from various brands, enhancing its versatility. Calibration certificates are stored in a database, and personalized certificates can be generated instantly.

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