5101 Buchan Street, Suite #301

H4P 2R9 Montreal, Quebec


+1 438 558-2940

Halle 1 Stand 1-254


We design and manufacture a range of sensing solutions that enable our customers to develop smart products in the industrial, automotive, consumer, and medical sectors.

Our products include sensors for:
- "True-Mass" PM2.5
- Ultrasound MEMS Sensor Module
- Differential Pressure
- Relative Humidity
- Temperature
- Absolute Pressure

At MEMS Vision, we capitalize on decades of expertise and a portfolio of cutting-edge MEMS, ASIC, and Calibration technologies. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, we are dedicated to developing reliable intelligent sensors which are at the core of many monitoring devices used to improve human life and preserve our environment.


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