Easy connection of data loggers to programmable controller systems


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AHLBORN has developed a new trigger output interface for the connection of data loggers of the ALMEMO 500® series to programmable controllers. The interface has been realized as a relay-trigger-analog plug-in card with the designation ES 500-RTA6, in order to enable retrofitting for existing devices. Via the plug-in module, 10 peripheral elements such as relays, trigger inputs or analog outputs can be connected to an ALMEMO® 500 data acquisition system and their functions can be configured individually. This allows alarm functions and simple controls. Up to 4 plug-in units are supported by the device. As relay functions total alarm, assignment to certain limit values or control via interface as well as inverse relay control for alarm in case of power failure are possible. The relay states are displayed via LEDs. If the ALMEMO® device or the computer control fails, a watchdog function helps. Extensive triggering possibilities by means of command macros, control by electrical signals, optionally 2 or 4 analog outputs (10V or 20mA programmable) can be assigned to any measuring channels. Subranges are scalable or can alternatively be controlled via an interface. On request, 10 analog outputs per module (then without trigger inputs and without relays) or 10 relays per module (then without triggers and without analog outputs) are possible.

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