Optimized refrigeration control: Axino Intelligent Food Quality


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A retailer's fresh food offering has a major impact on customer satisfaction. Customer demand for fresh food, supply chain transparency and sustainability is increasing. Here, above all, quality is a differentiator in food retailing. Retailers with satisfied customers in terms of fresh food offerings have more loyal customers who shop there more often, spend more money on each visit and are happy to recommend the store to others. On the other hand, according to IBM Food Trust analysis, one in ten people gets sick from spoiled food, one-third of all fresh food is thrown away due to improper freshness testing, and only one in four trusts today's food industry.
So the challenge here is to minimize repetitive manual testing to ensure food quality, reduce food waste due to refrigeration failure, and optimize energy based on detected core temperature.
Axino AIoT Food Quality covers the aforementioned challenges from the distribution center to the refrigerated cabinets, adding value to quality assurance. Axino developed in 2016 a measurement solution that ensures the control of the continuous calculation of the core temperature of food in a digital form. They are focused on retail AI and measure the core temperature of fresh produce. Thus, excessive cooling of the fresh counter can be prevented and the qualitative verification of the actual goods can be performed correctly. Here, the complete product groups from meat, fruits & vegetables and dairy to the refrigerated counter are covered.
Automated data recording simplifies store operations and reduces spoiled food waste to a minimum. In addition, optimized refrigeration reduces energy costs and therefore the carbon footprint. Installation takes less than 3 hours and the battery life of the sensors is over 10 years. A private LoRaWAN® network guarantees reliable and cost-effective transmission of the measurement data. The result is automated implementation of food quality assurance measures and audit-proof data for the food inspector. In addition, the effort is reduced by up to 80% in the "Fresh Food Quality Compliance" process, as well as food waste is reduced by 15%. This results in energy savings of 4 to 8% on average. The solution has been accepted by Kantonslabor Zürich and food inspectors have been trained in the system.

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