Indoor climate data logger with flexible adjustment


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The high-precision multi-purpose data logger ALMEMO® 204 offers best flexibility and an excellent price/performance ratio. Among other things, temperature, humidity, dew point temperature and atmospheric pressure are recorded. An extension with multifunctional sensors for CO2 and oxygen is possible without any problems. The instrument technology is housed in an innovative enclosure with wall mount option. The measurement takes place in real time and can be stored in the device memory. For monitoring and evaluation of the measured values the professional software WinControl is available. In this configuration, the device finds its application in the monitoring of building climates and in the control of climate-sensitive production processes, in test rooms and calibration laboratories, in EDP data centers, switch cabinets, in wind turbines, storage rooms and museums. ALMEMO® 204 is available as a wall-mounted device or portable with rubber protection for particularly robust use. Completely different sensors can be connected via the digital inputs. For measurements that go beyond comprehensive climate monitoring, numerous digital sensors are available, such as illumination, radiation and flow sensors. Each of the 4 measurement inputs offers 10 measurement channels for the connection of multifunctional sensors or for calculation functions. If this should not be sufficient, several data loggers ALMEMO® 204 can be interconnected. Thus, an extensive measurement data acquisition can be built up already with small means.

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