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Prosig and DJB are exhibiting together at Sensor and Test Exhibition in Nuremburg.

Prosig & DJB, from sensor to report. Prosig specialises in data acquisition hardware, software, applications, and services for vibration and acoustic measurement. DJB manufacturers high-quality accelerometers, cables and related accessories. Both companies supply a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, energy, manufacturing and defence.

More about Prosig:

Prosig provides turnkey data capture and analysis systems for a wide range of applications with particular focus on NVH and acoustic testing for the automotive, aerospace and power generation Industries. We design and develop our own products and our engineers have decades of experience in solving real-world noise and vibration problems for major organizations throughout the world.

The hardware and DATS analysis software focuses on the capture of noise & vibration and associated data for mobile and laboratory applications. The DATS hardware series features a range of 24-bit measurement systems. These systems can be configured with between 4 and 1024 channels and have signal conditioning options for accelerometers, microphones, strain gauges, thermocouples and powered transducers. Additional options also offer support for capture of data from CAN-bus, GPS and IRIG inputs. The DATS software package has over 45 years of development behind it and integrates capture from the hardware systems with analysis and reporting capabilities. DATS software also offers a wide range of data import and export from other measurement and analysis systems.

More about DJB:

DJB Instruments have launched a range of isolated base sensors for automotive EV battery testing and other applications where electrical isolation of the sensor from the test specimen is required. DJB’s approach is to use a ceramic base on the vibration sensor which has the benefit of being smaller in volume and more robust than the traditional anodized aluminium cup design.
DJB offer three tri-axial sensor families with the ceramic isolated base option, with sensor masses between 1.2gms to 16.6gms and nominal sensitivities from 1mV/g to 200mV/g, enabling the most appropriate sensor to be specified for each application.

Following DJB’s acquisition by CMTG in Q4 2022, DJB are investing heavily in advanced manufacturing and calibration technologies. The latest addition to our capabilities is a new calibration system, all new sensors are now provided with a 28 point calibration between 10Hz and 10kHz with all measurements directly traceable to national standards. Our flexible and highly experienced team at DJB Instruments can offer high quality, customisable products to suit your individual application.

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