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Nano Environmental Technology S.r.l. (N.E.T.) was founded in 2002 with the mission of setting new standards in the gas sensor market: high quality, excellent technical support, competitive pricing and short delivery times.

Nowadays, N.E.T. manufactures and sells a complete range of gas sensing devices on an OEM basis for industrial and commercial applications used by instrument manufacturers worldwide.

Our new, microprocessor-based range of NDIR sensors is now the most comprehensive on the market and includes solutions for the detection of hydrocarbons, CO2, SF6 and a high number of refrigerant gases. This technology is entirely engineered and manufactured at the N.E.T. headquarters in Milan, Italy.

N.E.T. has built a team of dedicated engineers and market specialists with extensive gas detection experience who, together, are able to provide a superior level of technical and commercial support.

N.E.T., an ISO9001 registered company since 2003, offers:

A full range of gas sensors meeting the needs of every customer
- Quick, on-time deliveries
- The highest level of technical and integration support
- Realistic and competitive pricing to give our customers an effective cost advantage

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